winter 2019 NEWSLETTER

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New location coming to AZ!

Thirsty Lion - Dessert Ridge
The new Thirsty Lion will be located in Dessert Ridge Marketplace and will be the 4th in the Arizona market! We're planning on opening in fall of 2019.

Check out the Dessert Ridge Marketplace


New Spring Items

The Spring Fresh Sheet will have 6 new food items and 2 new cocktails. It will feature items such as the Dragon Roll, Bison Burger, and Chilean Sea Bass.
See a sample of our new menu


Glade Parks NOW OPEN

Euless, TX
Our Glade Parks location in Texas opened on December 4th and is doing great! This marks our second location in Texas, with a third coming next year.

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March Madness Bracket

We will be having a company wide bracket for March Madness this year! Look out for an email the week of March 4th to fill out your bracket.
Learn more about the Alzheimer's Association


St. Baldrick’s Fundraiser

We are doing the St. Baldricks fundraiser again this year through March! Guests will be able to donate on their check, plus we will be partnering with Slane Whiskey and will have $1 of cocktail sales go to the fundraiser.


GM & Chef Summit

The GM & Chef Summit was held in Napa, California and was 3 days of training seminars, and wine education.


Staff Spotlight:



Serving an ice cold, perfectly poured draft beer is just one of the things our Guests have come to know about us. It takes a well-trained staff, great beer and clean beer lines to make it happen. 

It is critical when cleaning the beer lines to make sure the chemicals and any residue from the cleaning process have been purged from the lines before serving again. While we use professional beer line cleaning services, it’s ultimately our responsibility to make sure we are serving high quality products and that includes making sure there are no chemicals left in the beer lines. 

We’ve had two recent instances at our stores involving beer line cleaning chemicals or water residue from the cleaning process, left in the lines. Fortunately our staff noticed “watery beer” and in one case the off color of a beer that been poured and was waiting to be served, so we avoided a potential bad situation. 

Why do we clean the beer lines? 
Over time, keg disconnects, beverage lines, and faucets can accumulate a layer of calcium oxalate, more commonly called beer stone. Think of it as the plaque that collects in your arteries. Beer stone harbors and nurtures spoiling bacteria, and it can create tiny nucleation sites that promote gushing and poor head retention. In severe cases, you may even get white floaters in your beer. Professional bars recirculate a cleaning solution through each beer line for several minutes. Recirculation is beneficial for long-draw systems in which beer travels 20 feet (6 meters) or more from keg to faucet. 

What’s in the solution? 
Beer line cleaning chemicals are detergent based and can include:  SODIUM HYDROXIDE, SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE SOLUTION 

Both of these are potentially toxic and can cause skin burns if contacted and also will cause serious bodily harm if ingested. When the lines are cleaned properly and rinsed thoroughly with water, then purged with beer, there is no danger. But if there are chemicals left in the line, it can be very dangerous. The chemicals are colored with blue or green dye, so it will be noticeable when in the liquid. 

It is so important that the lines are cleaned by a professional and are flushed and purged before pouring. Usually the person cleaning the lines will put a clip or a tag on the tap to identify that is in the process of being cleaned. Don’t take this lightly, be careful and make sure the lines are pouring pure beer before resuming service. 

We have all seen the beer line cleaners and take for granted that they are doing their job correctly.  Here is your reminder to not let your guard down and be watchful for any chemical residue after a line cleaning.  If you think you have residual chemicals in the lines, stop serving that beer, alert a manager and call for service immediately and notify VP Operations and VP Food and Beverage. 


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