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New location coming to Texas!

Thirsty Lion - Glade Parks will open this fall!
The new Thirsty Lion location will be in Euless, Texas which is about 15 miles west of our first Texas location at Toyota Music Factory. A third location at Grand Scape will open in spring of 2019.  

See the new Glade Parks project


CEG GM & Chef Summit

Operating for success in 2018
Chefs, General Managers and senior leadership staff gathered in Arizona January 15-17 for Concept Entertainment Group’s first GM Summit.  The Summit’s goals were to bring CEG leaders together for 2 days of informative and educational sessions and team building.  


Grand Central



Eat, Bowl & Play in SE PDX
Our 10 year anniversary created the perfect opportunity to update our brand and introduce a new logo!  The goal was to make new logo active and fun, while keeping it classic and a little retro.  The new branding goes along with interior updates, some of which have already happened and more that will continue to be implemented in 2018.  http://www.thegrandcentralbowl.com/

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Spring Menu

ALL NEW items on the fresh sheet
Chef has developed new items for spring like Soy Braised Pork Belly Bao Buns, Korean Fried Chicken, Grilled Shrimp Pad Thai and Pork Canitas Tacos!   We’ll also be featuring the Impossible Burger, which is made from material derived from plants but tastes similar to beef. 
Learn more about the Impossible Burger


St. Baldrick’s Fundraiser

$54,431.45 raised this year!
From February 17th through March 17th Thirsty Lion participated in its 6th year of raising funds for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.  St. Baldrick’s funds childhood cancer research, in hopes of finding new treatments and a cure!
Thirsty Lion's fundraising page


Staff Spotlight: Edward Rolon

SanTan Village, Gilbert, AZ
Ed has been with CEG since June 2016 and has been able to make a huge impact in his short time. According to General Manager, Jeff Ruedy, “Ed just does it all.  His positive energy and great work ethic is contagious. Everyone should have an Ed on their team.” Thanks Ed, keep up the great work!


Staff Spotlight:
Deanna Roderigues

Private Event Manager
Deanna started with Thirsty Lion in May 2016, in this relatively short amount of time she has established herself as an extremely successful Event Manager increasing event sales in Arizona by almost 53% in 2017.  District Manager, Amy Dubois added 2 reasons why Deanna is so good, “She answers “yes”, “we can do that”, “We will figure it out” and she loves to be out meeting people.  Way to go Deanna!


Ever cut your finger with an orange peeler?  Had a glass shatter in your hand?  While 2017 was a banner year for CEG, it was also a year in which bartender injuries doubled from the previous year.  We called on ex-Bartender turned Training Manager, Jennifer Fern to share her tips, tricks and tools of the trade.
1. Use the cut glove to prep garnishes and to clean up broken glass.

2. The orange peeler – Slow down and try peeling up on the fruit and away from hand.

3. Do not use warm glasses. Putting ice in a warm glass will shatter it.

4. Never stick your hand in the dishwasher when it’s not draining.   Drain, remove, empty the trap and use a light.

5. Never bang the shaker tin on the bar top.  Use the palm of your hand to hit directly where the glass and tin meet.


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